Available goods in the temple

  • GoshuinThe sacred red stamp


    “Goshuin,” is a sacred red stamp given as a certification of a temple or shrine visit. You can receive a Goshuin stamp from many temples and shrines in Japan. As you receive the stamp, a monk will write special calligraphy on it. Many receive Goshuin as a memory of their travels and visits to temples and shrines.

  • GoshuinchoThe sacred red stamp book


    The book in which “Goshuin” stamps are collected is called, “Goshuincho,” the sacred red stamp book. Ome Seven Deities of Good Fortune has an original “Goshuincho” book with a special cover using Aizome, Japanese Indigo dyeing. The Goshuincho book is an essential item for receiving the special Goshuin stamps.

  • EmaWooden prayer tablets


    You may also receive Goshuin stamps from the seven temples on a special wooden prayer tablet, called an Ema. You may write your wish on the wooden prayer tablet once you have received all seven stamps.

  • Figurines of Seven Deities of Good Fortune


    Figurines of the Seven Deities which can be displayed at home. They are said to bring good fortune to your home. Each temple has a figurine of the deity they worship. By visiting all the seven temples, you can collect the Seven Deities of good fortune.

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